Desert Heat

Rumbles in the Drawing Room

Moments before you arrived

“We will have our representative join the little ‘Fellowship of Sandstorm’ that you’ve created, whether you like it or not. We all know how this plays out, so let’s not pretend that you have a choice here,” Crow states sarcastically.
“He will stall our people, and jeopardize the mission,” Lexa exclaims, tossing her red hair indignantly.
“Stall? Stall? Hah! Your precious Rat hasn’t even found Gonkris yet, let alone contacted him, and that big oaf of an Orc has yet to kill Garden-En-Lore, so what exactly will he stall? So far the best member of your team is the little Goblin that you didn’t want in the first place, who, I might add, was added to the team on my advice,” Crow spits out in contempt.
“Silver has been doing a pretty fine job too,” Lathlorian purrs, admiring his rings.
“Who gave you the intel on the existence of the map in the first place? And of Gonkris? And of the traitor? And of the tunnels, the meddling of the families in our business, who? Who?” Crow roars into Lathlorian’s surprised face.
“You did,” rumbles Fastius, “the Spies gave us the information, because that is the Spies duty,” he sternly adds, staring at Crow.
Crow relaxes, and quietly says, “My man will be useful, and my man will be loyal to the success of the mission, and to the members of the group. We too know what’s at stake, and they have gotten farther than we expected, at least with the contact with the Gamudusks.”
“Very well. I just hope that nobody else will want a piece of his mission. It is key to their success that they remain a small group,” offers Lexa.
“Hang on, I fully supported Rotfoot in the quorums – don’t you go on taking full credit for that, Crow,” Belar remembers to protest.
“We’ve already been through that old man, focus, would you?” Lathlorian says impatiently.
“Don’t think that you can bully me like your man bullies Rotfoot. He at least is on the team for merit, not through his connections with the nobles of the city,” Belar angrily retorts.
“Calm down, all of you. Belar, Lathlorian, let Silver and Rotfoot handle themselves. Trust in your people. Let’s get this over with, I loathe the feeling of Soulstoning, and I’d rather get it over with as soon as possible. Crow, you win. But mark my words, we will all be keeping a close eye on you and your man. Swooping in at this point to try to gain access to Sandstorm is very convenient, but not exactly an upper hand play. Be warned,” ends Fastius, as he picks up his Soulstone and calls forth the spirit of Jack, with the others following his lead.



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