Crew of the Pride at Sea

Crew of the Barque "Pride at Sea"


464 tons, 4 masted barque
built 250 TME, in Fang. Transferred to Blackdeath in 253 TME, where it started to work the Blackdeath/Haven line.
carries small cargo shipments and passengers on a regular basis between Blackdeath and Haven.
The Pride at Sea (emblem a golden lion on the background of a sea) consists of 17 people, with a possibility of carrying up to 30 – some as apprentices and some as passengers.

William Durtang 37 born Blackdeath Mate
Todug Brevon 25 born Blackdeath Boatswain
Jas Ellery 26 born Blackdeath Carpenter
Rowe Harris 37 born Salmonelis Steward
Raicher 35 born Blackdeath Cook & AB
Bran Praxis 25 born Shalis AB
Wil Draeder 24 born Blackdeath AB
Wulfor Banebear 28 born Wolf Tribe AB
Grum Brisbane 39 born Blackdeath Ordy
Heath Venning 25 born Blackdeath AB
Mastugal Diru 42 born Fang AB
Hithr Elder 20 born Blackdeath AB
Ratius 24 born Blackdeath AB
Dirk Mist 23 born Blackdeath Ordy
Xaanon Erwash 20 born Blackdeath AB
Cajel Feast 24 born Blackdeath Cook
Brag Alderdash 44 born Blackdeath AB
Gebico Taff 14 apprentice
Hamart Grey 14 apprentice

Current ship’s cargo includes:
Blackdeath Rum, Lonelywood wine, Shalis Ale, Fang Rum, Lush (a very mild hallucinatory drug), various tools, large coils of rope, crates of dried and smoked meat, lemons, sacks of flour & rice, and cheap tea & coffee.
Loading and unloading was done in a hurry, and so most of the first day of the journey was dedicated to organizing everything in the ships stores.
The crew are disgruntled, as all the senior members get a small cut of the profits, and the ship’s cargo is rather poor compared to what it usually is (some supplies for Haven, but mostly high quality spirits, and more expensive drugs, for export). Their current cargo is destined to be sold on Haven for use there – Lush is popular with offshore crews, prostitutes and bums, food is for the inns and pubs, tools are for the repair docks, and cheap, low quality booze is for the inns, pubs and ship owners. They will get little to nothing out of their sale, and unless the Guild has paid a hefty amount for the PCs’ transportation (they haven’t. The PCs’ are travelling practically for free, in exchange for a few favours that the Captain and Owner owe, and a big discount on the Lush in the cargo), they are going to get very little for their troubles.

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Crew of the Pride at Sea

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