Gonkris Ptelomar

Human lieutenant in the Dogsharks, Rat's contact in Haven


Kind Influence
Belongs to Rat
Uses left 3

Alliance Dogsharks Organization
Location Haven, Sailor’s Rest inn, The Troll and Bones pub, The Green Goblin pub, or the Blue Heron brothel

Use Influence in the Dogsharks organization, in Haven, and in the drug dealing underworld of Blackdeath.

- Human, in his forties, light brown skin, grey-green eyes, dark ash brown tousled hair (Ted Mosby), 1.70 meters, tattoo of a dogshark (a sepia shark that is very elongated and has a pronounced snout and teeth), scar that goes from his right ear, down his neck, and below the neckline. Wears thick but coarse black trousers, a dark blue shirt, and a thick black long coat over it. Has two rings, one gold insignia ring with a dogshark on it, and one simple copper band (indicates that he comes from a freed slave background)
- Deals from all the Troll and Bones and the Green Goblin, mostly.


- Lieutenant in the Dogsharks. In charge of coordinating the trafficking of drugs from Haven to Sandstorm.
- Brought into the organization by his brother, who died at sea on a run to Toril
- Comes from a freed slave background, his father having saved the life of his master and gained his freedom for it.

Gonkris Ptelomar

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