This is an incomplete list of alliances available in the Desert Heat campaign. Additional alliances will open up as the campaign progresses and the characters level up.

Thieves’ Guild
Code of Conduct
- Forsake all relatives
- Never have a legitimate job or real-estate.
- Help other Guild members – with your abilities, contacts, equipment or money. Only undercover spies for the Guild may disobey this rule if it blows their cover.
- Rule and judge those members beneath you in rank when asked to do so.
- What’s known to the Guild remains in the Guild – this includes everything (contacts, hideouts, information – everything).
- Never challenge a Guild member that outranks you outside a Guild court or Council of Thieves meeting.
- Resolve all internal conflicts with a Guild court session or a Council of Thieves meeting.
- Participate in Guild court sessions or Council of Thieves meetings when called to do so.
- Never snitch.
- Never gamble with money that you don’t have.
- Have good command of the Thieves’ Sign Language and slang.
- Teach your skills to those beneath you in rank at the Guild and be on the lookout for new, promising talent.
- Keep your promises to other thieves.

Adventurers’ Guild – a relatively new but rather successful guild that boasts a large library of dungeons and foreign places maps (a good source of income for it) and helps adventurers to find employers and contractors and vice versa.
Code of Conduct
- 5% of all treasure earned from contracts made through the guild must be given as tithe to the guild
- Never take a contract that you can’t complete
- Never say no to an adventure opportunity, unless it would obviously be a suicide mission or goes against your ethical or moral code
- Map every new place you arrive to and send it to the guild

Warriors’ Guild – the “cleaned up” name of the mercenary guild. One of the older and more prestigious guilds in the city. Warrior guild members above level 5 receive a small stipend. Every member has a “call name”. The guild provides a wide variety of contracts for every member – even ones that can be performed “on the side” of work performed for other guilds/contractors.
Code of Conduct
- Always aid another guild member in battle
- Never use a guild member’s true name – only use their “call name”.
- Keep your guild members’ backs
- Never refuse a guild member’s invitation to drink
- Advance by challenging other guild members to duels
- Duel whomever challenges you
- Pay 5% interest for every contract you
- Stay continuously fit for combat

Barbarian Tribes (Bear/Yak/Eagle/Wolf/Swordfish)
There are five “barbarian” tribes that live in the plains nearby the city. They were there before Blackdeath, before Salmonelis, before Karsepolis even. Their code of conduct is remarkably similar.
Code of Conduct
- Never kill the totem animal of the tribe, even if it means losing your life
- Never draw a weapon without using it to draw blood
- Never lie, cheat or steal from a tribe brother/sister, or tolerate those who lie, cheat or steal from a tribe brother/sister

Sentinels (secret order) – this secret order patrols the city undercover and infiltrates all aspects of Blackdeathian life – all to protect the interests of Lord Acoor in the city.
Code of Conduct
- Keep your membership a secret
- Report all your doings that may affect the city as a whole or Lord Acoor himself to your contact at the Sentinels
- Kill all opposers to Lord Acoor’s reign.

Magic Slayers (secret order) – a cult that opposes the use of magic in the city proper.
Code of Conduct
- Never use magic
- Kill all casters that enter Blackdeath – they will bring the second rift
- Spread the fear of magic wherever you go
- Keep the order and your membership in it secret

Stone Fist Order – an ancient order of monks with monasteries in the mountains north of Blackdeath.
Code of Conduct
- do not hoard your resources – use all your abilities in battle, use all your earnings to perfect your battle abilities or your group’s battle abilities
- test your skills in battle or training every day
- crush one stone every day with your bare hands, as a signal of your ties to the order
- revere the Order Elders

Blackdeath Noble Families – you may only join this alliance at the beginning of the game. They have no code of conduct, merely family interests. All houses have race restrictions.
House Cashell – human house in control much of the drug trade in the city.
House DeRadom- Elven and half-Elven house in charge of the arena and in the mercenary business
House Persist- Human house that controls the trade routes to Fang, Shalis and the east.
House Malkuth – Drow and half-Drow house. Control the slave trade in the city and have a small private fleet of ships.
House Aoska – Half-Orc house that controls the mineral mines in the north and the northern trade routes.
House Baradil – Dwarven house, in charge of most of the alcohol and some of the drug trade in the city.
House Naltegro – human house in control of the trade routes with the south, with the largest fleet of ships in the city
House Suunjil – halfling house that own or have a share in most of the inns and taverns in the city, and many taverns in Fang and Shalis
House Bervig – Dwarven house in control of the engineering operations in the city – from the great machines protecting the city walls, to the sophisticated ships that travel from its docks.

Deities and their churches
Any Forgotten Realms deity with LE or NE followers in their portfolio.

This group of drug dealers and runners controls much of the street action in Haven, as well as much of what goes on in many of Haven’s pubs and taverns. With strong ties to the drug trade in both Blackdeath and Sandstorm, the Dogsharks are powerful allies. Being a member of the organisation provides you with some level of income (depending on rank), and some level of protection (depending on rank), but also requires performing regular missions for the organisation. Joining the Dogsharks is not easy, but leaving is even harder – if you aren’t dead when you sever connections with them, they sure will make sure you are for you.
OOC: joining this organisation can only be done in Haven, and only after gaining a Dogshark member as a personal contact. It also requires performing an entrance mission. Once complete, you will receive more info on this group, another Dogshark member as a contact, and a regular payout once a month. Performing missions for the group grants extra bonuses and helps you advance in ranks with them. Not performing missions for the Dogsharks is not an option.

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