Dry Gulch

Dry Gulch

Dry Gulch was founded on the dried bed of the Ts’tang river. The Great Shattering altered the course of the river many centuries ago, creating the west branch of the Zang river and Fang lake and leaving a dry gulch in place where the Ts’tang river once flowed. Dry Gulch is a fisherman town that also has a tiny port and some mining interests in the Icepick Ridge. Although the weather in the region is particularly harsh the position of the town within the gulch protects it from the fierce winds in the region, and a sophisticated series of dams and drains carved out of the gulch’s walls prevents the city from flooding in the rainy and snowy winter months.

Influential NPCs
Tasid Sar – head of the dwarf clans in the city and the lead builder and designer of the sophisticated dam and storm gate system around it.

Population and Racial Mix
around 1,500, in a community centred around clans and families
55% human
40% dwarf
2% halfling
3% other

Silver Piece Limit
700 sp

Power Center Type and Alignment
heads of clans and families that loosely cooperate to control the town


fishing, engineering, small trade and silver mining in the Icepick Ridge.

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Dry Gulch

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