The great dwarven city is one of the wonders of the world, as the Battleforge clan have carved it out of the ice and stone of the great Coldcrest mountains. Thus this isolated city is made mostly out of ice, crystallised by a secret process perfected over generations by the best of the Battleforges engineers. Seventeen different clans huddle in the city, and from it control the vast mining, ore, ice and drug refineries and the fishing interests of the far north region.

Influential NPCs

Population and Racial Mix
unknown, but all dwarven population. Frostford is a very closed and isolated community.

Silver Piece Limit
unknown, but is generally thought to be exceptionally wealthy (likely more than any other Alanasian settlement)

Power Center Type and Alignment
Conventional (dwarven king)


Frostford controls silver and mineral mines in the Iceridge, Coldcrest and Icepick Ridge mountains of an unknown amount. It also produces drugs, jewellery, furniture (from northern Elvenwood trees mostly), carvings, fish and seafood, leather, wool, ships and crystallised ice (which it does not trade or sell). It exports most of its produce to Blackdeath, Dry Gulch, Shalis and and Fang in return for slaves for its mines, alcohol, meat, grain, cloth, etc.

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