As its name suggests, Haven is a pirate and sea merchant haven in the middle of trade route between Blackdeath and Sandstorm. A day and a half or two out of Blackdeath and three or four days out of Sandstorm Haven sees dozens of ships each season (spring and summer months up to early fall when the harsh winds and currents make it impossible to sail out of Blackdeath) and even more bar brawls. A town of hanger bays, storage facilities, pubs, prostitutes and “ship patchers” Haven makes the most of the shipping season, becoming a ghost town each fall.

Influential NPCs
Pike Marlow – this (human) former sailor is now running the largest and most successful tavern in Haven, the Sailor’s Rest. With ties to ever other merchant and specialist in Haven and an acquaintance with most of the ships, captains and crews that march the streets he’s a mine of information – for a price.

Population and Racial Mix
varies vastly. Every race and creed can be found at Haven during the shipping season, but the island is literally deserted in the fall and winter months.

Silver Piece Limit
10,000 sp

Power Center Type and Alignment
Unconventional (none)
Neutral Evil

everything goes, particularly sea or trade related deities.

Trade, pub.

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