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Justice Returns
Gardan En-Lor was a member of the Guild, an Enforcer, who was tasked with retrieving a powerful artefact, The Eye of the Storm, from a clan of Dwarves in the Northern Passes. He successfully retrieved the artefact, and a good amount of loot, and then decided to “retire” from Guild life with all he had gained. He faked his death in an avalanche, but the Guild’s Trackers confirmed that he was alive and well and living under an alias, “Bloril Sar”, in Haven, as an owner of the “Fang and Claw” pub.
• Find The Eye of the Storm and obtain it for the Guild (secret goal, but the Eye’s powers should be shared with the group once obtained)
• Kill Gardan En-Lor/Bloril Sar and obtain his Guild pendant as proof of his death (secret goal, must be completed on your own)
You may keep all the money that find on the traitor, minus the Guild’s usual 20% cut. The Eye of the Storm is an artefact that can predict the weather two days beforehand.
Mission rewards:

Advance by 1-3 levels in Enforcer levels

Gain one contact of your choosing

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Jack Missions

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