Nothing Interesting Ever Happens in Lays

Built on the ruins of Miremakfall, Lays is a city of farmers and fishermen that dabble in trade with Salmonelis and Fang. Lays produces most of the food that Salmonelis and Fang consume, and in return the city has gained relative wealth and decent protection from its stronger and wealthier allies. Perceived as a dull place to live in, “Nothing Interesting Ever Happens in Lays” has grown into the city’s motto.

Influential NPCs
Sytax Morduth – Sytax owns the largest farmlands on the Fertile Plains and is the wealthiest and most influential of Lays Farmholder elite.
Darris Bilano – Darris is well-known in Lays for the many experiments he conducts on his crops, constantly cross-breading and engineering them for taste and size. He creates many unique brands of fruit, vegetables and grains for banquets in Salmonelis, and is one of Lays wealthier farmers.

Population and Racial Mix
between 5,000 to 7,000, depending on the seasons
90% human
5% half-elf
5% halfling

Silver Piece Limit
3,000 sp

Power Center Type and Alignment
Land Council – the ruling council in Lays consists of all the Farmholders in Lays, and all get to cast a vote on the issue at hand. In case of ties, votes of Farmholders with larger land shares get a more significant weight.

Chauntea has the most followers, but Istishia also has a significant following.

Farming, fishing and husbandry, trade routes to Salmonelis, Fang, Caravan and Shalis.

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