Sample Fighter

Jerome Bladebearer CR 5
Male Human- Fighter 5
Senses: Perception +4
Init: +3 Advantage: 2
Languages: Common, Goblin; Thieves’ Sign Language

AC: 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (modifiers)
Hit Points: 63 HD: 5
CMD: 21
Fort 7, Ref +2, Will +0 (1 against fear)
AP: 6

Speed: 30ft
Melee: 13 Excellent Greatsword (2d610, 19-20/x2)
Ranged: +6 Longbow (1d8, x30)
Space: 5 Reach: 5
Base Atk: +5 CMB: 10
Atk Options: Cleave, Power Attack
Special Actions: Dazzling Display, Step Up
Combat Feats: Intimidating Prowess [Hb], Cleave 1, Power Attack [Fb1], Step Up [Fb2], Dazzling Display [Fb3]
Combat Gear: Excellent Greatsword [Accurate, Sharp],Longbow

Str 20 (5), Dex 12 (1), Con 16 (3), Int 12 (1), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 10 (0)
Special Qualities: bravery, armor training, weapon training (blades, heavy)
Feats: Intimidating Prowess [Hb], Cleave 1, Weapon Focus 3, Weapon Specialization 5, Power Attack [Fb1], Step Up [Fb2], Dazzling Display [Fb3]
Skills: Intimidate 15, Stealth +10 (7 with armor),Survival +7, Perception +4
Traits: Guild Thief [b], Bully [fb], Reactionary, Rich Parents
Faction: Enforcers, rank 2 (Brawler), level 5
Allegiance: 1. Thieves’ Guild, 2. Warrior’s Guild
Story Points: 0
XP: 15,000
Possessions: Excellent Greatsword [Accurate, Sharp], Breastplate, Longbow, Traveler’s Outfit, 3xTorches, Waterskin, 5xTrail Rations, Hempen Rope (50 ft), Grappling Hook, Caltrops, Bedroll, Flint and Steel, Backpack, Hooded Lamp, 5xOil, Arrows (40), Dagger, Heavy Mace, 7xHealer’s Kit, 4sp; soul stone
This sample fighter is posted as an example for an effective Desert Heat character. It is important to note that because Desert Heat is not a standard Pathfinder campaign, standard Pathfinder character creation/optimization rules do not apply.
I chose to use the Fighter class simply because it is one of the classes whose build needs to change the most in order to fit the Desert Heat campaign.

Pointers: (note: only those things out of the ordinary about Jerome’s character are explained)

  • Abilities – Charisma wasn’t dumped, Wisdom was dumped, and Intelligence was invested in. Jerome will benefit from a non-negative Charisma modifier for his Intimidate skill (which he will use both in and out of combat), and Wisdom, while useful for his Survival skill, is not as important as it is in a normal Pathfinder game, as no spells with Will DCs exists. He may yet have to roll a Will save, but it will be rather rare. Intelligence was invested in for the extra skill, allowing him to take Stealth, Survival, Perception and Intimidate – all useful for both himself and the group.
  • Faction – Jerome qualifies for the Enforcers, which determines his Bully bonus trait.
  • Allegiance – Jerome has pledged to both the Thieves’ Guild and the Warriors’ Guild.
  • Skills – Survival – Jerome will be the group’s survivalist (unless someone else wants to pick up the skill, at which point he’ll back them up); Intimidate – makes Jerome useful in social interactions and with the feats he chose and will choose later on will allow him some form of battlefield control and benefit the group’s archers, rogues, etc.; Stealth – a must; Perception – generally useful enough to invest what he can in it.
  • Action points – note that he has fighter action points.
  • Equipment – Jerome invested in the best primary weapon he possibly could, took a medium armor (so he would suffer less armor check penalty on Stealth), and standard secondary weapons (ranged, bludgeoning and one handed). He took survival basics – food, water, several lighting options (and potential splash weapons – oil flasks) – some useful extras for an urban campaign – rope, grappling hook, hooded lantern, caltrops – and as many healing kits as he could buy. Although Jerome has no Heal skill ranks, there will be at least one person in the group that will have. Buying Healer’s Kits ensures Jerome that if he is wounded his wounds will likely be converted (since he at least supplied the material components required), and as a character that has invested in Survival Jerome knows that in wilderness areas Healer Kit uses will be useful as a currency, a way to make friends, etc. Note that he left only 4sp in cash – a good choice for the first leg of the journey.

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Sample Fighter

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