Storms of sand leave nothing in their wake
Sandstorm is the most ancient of the southern cities. Its origins lie deep within the early days of settlement in Alanasia, when a group of refugees from Thay tried to join in the founding of Karsepolis. The exact nature of the dispute that caused the rift between Karsepolis’s founders and the Thayan outcasts has been lost in the mists of time, but its results are what largely shaped the Northern/Southern Alanasia divide.
The Thayan outcasts formed an exploration group, enslaved a group of Alanasian tribespeople and set out to the south, across the harsh, unforgiving mountains and the blistering sands. No word was heard from them until the year 173 BME (Before Modern Era), when a small envoy of four priests came to Karsepolis in the interests of establishing trade between their city, Sandstorm, and the city that exiled their ancestors, Karsepolis. A minor trade route was set up between the cities, and resulted in the founding of Haven. The trade thrived and grew between the two until the Rift destroyed the city, and Sandstorm closed its doors to the North (refugees from Karsepolis that went south founded the other southern cities, as Sandstorm would not open its gates to them).

Influential NPCs

Population and Racial Mix
around 50,000

90% human
5% halfling
5% half-orc

Silver Piece Limit
50,000 sp

Power Center Type and Alignment
Magocracy (sorcerer-king)
Lawful Evil


Mining, trade, particularly in slaves and drugs, fishing, leatherwork, glasswork, paper production, desert farming, dye production, iron copper and steel work, desert husbandry, drug production and distribution.

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