Goblin leader of the Gamudusk organization in Haven


Kind Information
Belongs to Rotfoot
Uses left 3

Alliance Gamudusk Organization
Location Haven, secret Gamudusk lair

Use Btang has information on much of the underhand dealings in Haven, and some information about Sandstorm.

A relatively experienced cleric of Maglubiyet, god of Goblins. Wields an axe, now 4 generations in the family, and apparently Dwarven made, of high quality. Dresses in black, with a black wolf skin loin cloth, blackened chain mail, and a large amulet of Maglubiyet in blackened silver and with ruby eyes on his neck. Rarely ventures out of the secret caves that the Goblins have found and expanded, beneath Haven. Loves good alcohol, good food, and music, but rarely gets them.



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