The High Priest of Umberlee in Haven


Originally from Baldur’s Gate, this wizen, evil and indignant old raisin of a creature is simply called The Preacher. He looks like a tiny dishevelled, brown, halfling-like creature, but with much less hair and much more ears. He is the High Priest of Umberlee in Haven, and has a reputation for being quick to anger and behaving rather irresponsibly with the power in his hands.
Preacher insists on blessing each ship at harbour, and is present in all the major Haven events (such as the monthly dart contest), blessing the participants. His church has become quite wealthy due to his reputation (people are afraid to say “no” to him and each blessing has its price), especially since all attempts to get rid of him have left Haven in ruins.

Finbar is one of Preacher’s three disciples. —



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