The Sandstormers

1st Group out of Blackdeath


This group is on its way to Sandstorm, to see if it can find out why the desert metropolis severed its relations with Blackdeath, and to try to reestablish the north-south trade route.
It now also has a secondary mission, for Preacher, to find out how the giant whirlpool in Sandstorm bay works.

Group members: (in alphabetical order)
Gawg “Rotfoot” – the group’s Healer may not look impressive, but he has proven his worth more than once, and now comes with a whole posse of loyal goblins.
Jack “Beerbelly” – Jack the Enforcer loves eating, drinking and spending time in the local brothel when he’s not smashing things or beheading sleeping victims.
Kacie – a dark and mysterious Spy, Kacie has nevertheless proved his loyalty to the group, and his knack to get into trouble with Rat by his side.
Rat – the group’s always lucky Thief, the youngest group member manages to always get into trouble, and somehow always to come out without a scratch on the other side.
Silver – the group’s silver-tongued Fixer had a rough time getting accepted by the group, but has overcome his ancestry to become a very valuable group member, ever ready to get the group out of trouble with a good parley or two.


The Sandstormers

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