The Commonly Known History of the World
Karsepolis was founded in 483 BME (Before the Modern Era) by a group of Moon-Elves, Dwarves and Halflings from Toril that decided that it didn’t like the new balance of powers that was developing in the continent (The Humans’ rise and the ancient races’ demise). They migrated to the continent of Alanasia (South-East of Toril), where until then only sparse barbarian tribes lived.

Skip three hundred years or so forwards, to the thriving metropolis Karsepolis had become, and the powerful center of magic at its heart. As usual in these cases, all went wonderfully well – until everything went terribly wrong.
In 0 TME (to The Modern Era), the event called The Day of Destruction (or The Day of the Rift, or The Rift) occurred. Nobody knows exactly what triggered the event, but its consequences are well felt until this day: Karsepolis was ruined to the ground, tens of thousands died, the ground for miles around was ravaged, magic of all kinds ceased to exist in the city perimeter, and a great rift to the lower planes was opened, pouring out armies of demons and devils.
The few thousand people who survived that day seeked refuge in various places.

  • Most of the Elves turned to Elvenwood, enlarging, and finally displacing, the druidic settlements that had sprung in the area over the years. In the first years after The Rift they maintained relations with the humans of Salmon-Bend, but after the Blackdeath raid they severed all contacts with humans, and remained secluded in Elvenwood, not allowing others to pass through their territory
  • The dwarves turned north, to their mining outposts in the Iceridge Mountains and beyond, taking some of the gnomes with them. The first generation of The Breaking of The Ridge (as The Rift is known to the dwarves) saw them blame the human wizards for the disaster, but the generation after that grew into believing that the dwarves had brought it on themselves, by forgoing their ancient ways. A great return to ancient tradition, and especially to the ancient gods (Moradin and Dumathoin mainly) ensued and all dissenters from their new found faith were greatly frowned upon. Still depending upon humans for customers, however, they did not sever their outside relations entirely. Nevertheless it became less and less frequent over the years to see dwarves wandering around in the world not on clan business.
  • Most of the humans and the remainder of the gnomes made their way to the nearest settlement possible – the little fishing village and trading post known as “Salmon-Bend” on the banks of the Silver River, to the east of Karsepolis. In a fortnight the village turned into a town, almost keeling over under the pressure of the new immigrants – most of them wounded, sick or mad. The first three years were a horror , until the situation smoothed out eventually. However, as Salmon-Bend grew to Salmon-City, the resident wizards decided to found a wizard academy (but not a wizards tower ), and here the rift between them began. After arguing for many months, the wizards split up. Those who chose to teach (and excelled) in the schools of Enchantment and Illusion left for the Deep South, where strange wizards who excelled in these fields were fabled to live. Those who favored Abjuration, Conjuration and Evocation stayed in Salmon-City and founded what was to be the new heart of magic in the north: The Salmonelis High Academy for Magic.

The founding of Blackdeath is the next defining moment in Northern Alanasian history. After The Day of Destruction, the torn, burnt and ruined plains of Karsepolis got the time honored name of Black-Death, after the thousands of ghosts and various other creatures of undeath that haunted the city’s ruins when the outsiders dispersed. The situation would have remained thus until this day, if it weren’t for a curious chain of events:

  • 7 TME: St. Asilal The Brave founded an order of the followers of the divine way (Clerics, Paladins and Rangers mostly), who set out towards Black-Death and one by one brought eternal peace to almost all of the undead haunting the place.
  • 10 TME: Sasquamit Brindilbog, a gnome originally from Karsepolis, is nominated as Grand Baron of the small town of Mamphang (also known as Fang).
  • 12 TME: St. Asilal’s order is dispersed after many of its followers die as a result of long term exposure to the poisonous fumes of the swamps in the area. He is, however, declared as the greatest saint in the north (by all races), and is especially revered in Salmon-City (just newly turned into a large city).
  • 13 TME: Sasquamit, worried that the fast growing Salmon-City would overshadow his slower growing Mamphang (just turned into a large town), begins to build a mysterious maze.
  • 14 TME: The Salmonelis Wizard Academy is founded.
  • 23 TME: Black-Fist Jihm, one of the pirates that operated near the West Coast tries to found a base camp in Black-Death. Most of his men die of disease, but the few that escape the noxious fumes tell of a perfect hiding place to the other pirates that operate along the coast.
  • Many attempts to settle the area are made by various pirate captains and their respective crews – all fail.
  • 27 TME: Salmon-City becomes Salmonelis (a metropolis).
  • 35 TME: Captain O-ak (oh-ack) The Dread decides to make a more thorough attempt than his predecessors. He enlists the aid of a local tribe of barbarians , gathers round the crew of an armada of ships and sets down to clear a small area of land near the coast. After 32 months of work, a small base camp is built, as well as a very minor harbor for Captain O-ak’s skips.
  • 40 TME: Sasquamit opens his labyrinth “The Champion’s Test”, after sending ten of his best soldiers in, and never seeing them come out. The city of Mamphang (renamed Fang) flourishes and grows vastly due to The Test. A hundred platinum pieces reward is set for the first person or group to exit the maze. Every year the prize increases by a hundred more platinum pieces.
  • 42 TME: The temporary camp is now a permanent small settlement, as more land is cleared out, two inns and a tavern are built, and the harbor is enlarged. The settlement quadruples itself in wintertime, when the shipping lanes are closed, and when raids from Sandstorm’s Royal Navy take place.
  • 43 TME: The Blackdeath raid occurs. The settlement is burned to the ground, but Salmonelis’s forces are forced to retreat and most of the pirates and criminals get away unharmed. The Elves retreat to Elvenwood, and relations between them and the rest of the north are severed. Within a few weeks from the raid Blackdeath is rebuilt, larger than ever.
  • 44 TME: Sandstorm signs a trade pact with Blackdeath, thus further establishing the rumor that it had aided Blackdeath during the raid.
  • 46 TME: Blackdeath becomes a large town (the name was never changed as the place’s inhabitants saw no need to change it). The ruins of Karsepolis are used as the city sewers and foundations.
  • 47 TME: The Blackdeath’s Thieves’ Guild is founded.
  • 76 TME: Blackdeath becomes a metropolis.
  • 123 TME: The Blackdeath’s Thieves’ Guild, the most notorious thieves guild in Alanasia (and possibly the world), is granted sole-rights to operate in Blackdeath , and the famous “Thieves are Not Allowed” sign is posted outside the city.
  • 248 TME: “Utter-Chaos”, D’azz Accor’s ship, sails into Merlock harbor in broad daylight, empties three ships of their cargo, and razes the township to the ground. Over the next six years Accor spreads his flag over all Alanasia’s coast.
  • 252 TME: In a brilliant coup that lasted only 4 hours, D’azz Accor captures Blackdeath, hangs his predecessor and pronounces himself Lord Superior of the city. He razes down the city palace and has a new one rebuilt on its ruins. The city becomes even more depraved under his long rule. Accor himself rarely leaves his palace, and when he does it’s always in an elaborately decorated carriage, and he’s enveloped from head to toe in black robes. Many mysterious black robed people visit his castle.
  • 255 TME, early spring: the Desert Heat Adventure begins.

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