Pledging Allegiance

Alliances grant you a +2 circumstance bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks made when dealing with a member of your alliance – provided that you make your membership known to the other member in-game. If the alliance has a sub-alliance, then all Charisma-based skill checks made when dealing with a member of your sub-alliance are done at a +4 bonus.
Alliances may ask you to perform missions for them, granting you in exchange Contacts, specific items, and/or money as a reward.
Alliance members may be convinced to become Contacts based on your social interaction with them and/or promises to advance the alliance’s interests (bring in new followers, perform certain deeds, donate a certain amount, etc.).

Alliance Status
Your status with your alliance will determine what extra bonuses you may get from your membership, what requests you may make, and if the alliance will consider asking you to go on missions on its behalf.
All characters begin at level 3 – Friendly with the Thieves’ Guild, their primary alliance, and at level 2- Neutral with all their secondary alliances (if they have any).
A character that acts against the Code of Conduct of the alliance, against any of its members, against its interests, etc. will drop down ranks until they reach 1-Hostile. At this point the character no longer gains any benefits from being a member of the alliance, as this status is a temporary status that allows the character to quickly try to make amends with his alliance before the alliance is broken.

1- Hostile (no social skill benefits of being a member of the alliance)
2- Neutral
3- Friendly
4- Honoured
5 – Revered

Breaking Alliance
Breaking alliance is a serious thing in Desert Heat.
If a character breaks alliance with the Guild he will be executed by his other party members or a specifically assigned assassin, and another character will take their place (via the Soul Stones).
Breaking any of your secondary alliances will either get you cursed (minuses to stats, saves, skills etc for a specific period of time – days or weeks), or have the alliance send an assassin to kill you or a Contact to specifically ruin your plans (turn other Contacts against you, set the city guard against you, etc). The alliances’ reaction depends on the way the alliance was broken, the maximum level in the alliance that you reached, and the alliance itself (Deities are the least forgiving of alliances, for example).

Alliances in Conflict
In case of a conflict of interests between various alliances a character has, the hierarchy of alliances set by the player during character creation/when joining the alliance will determine which alliance will take precedence.
For example: Jerome the fighter is a member of the Thieves’ Guild and the Adventurers’ Guild. The Adventurers’ Guild asks Jerome to steal maps that the Thieves’ Guild has. Jerome can try to get the Thieves’ Guild to give him the maps, but if the Guild refuses, or asks questions, he needs to follow their edicts, not the Adventurers’ Guild’s ones.

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Pledging Allegiance

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